Perry, Mather Assert McCarran Bill Against Democratic Principles

Ralph Barton Perry '29, Edgar Pierce Professor of Philosophy Emeritus, and Kirtley Mather, professor of Geology, were among the signers of an open letter sent by the National Committee to Repeal the McCarran Act to President Truman Monday.

The letter urged the President "to direct the Department of Justice to cease immediately steps recently announced to establish concentration camps in the United States."

The letter stated that Senator James O. Eastland's bill calling for the immediate declaration of a state of emergency in order that the McCarran Act detention camp provisions can go into effect at once makes the need for action imperative."

"The McCarran Act," continued the letter, "which condemns to detention camps citizens whose only crime is that of being 'probable' saboteurs, is repugnant to all citizens who cherish democracy."

The signers reminded the President of the words from his veto message on the McCarran Act: "We will destroy all that we seek to preserve, if we sacrifice the liberties of our citizens in a misguided attempt to achieve national security."

Concerning the organization's pressure on Truman, Mather said yesterday: "I don't have any idea what the president will do."