Yale Liquor Proposal Rejected by Griswold

It's going to be a lot dryer at Yale dances from now on. Eli President A. Whitney Griswold yesterday announced that Yale could not sanction undergraduate drinking at organized college functions.

Griswold's decision came in answer to Trumbull College's two point proposal for drinking at Harvard-Yale dances. According to the Trumbull plan, students would bring their own liquor and check the bottles at the dance, and thus the College's council would be able to serve free setups. The group felt that by serving free setups there would be no violation of state liquor laws.

Proposal Tabled

The plan was drawn up in November, in time for the Harvard weekend, but the Trumbull house master did not authorize it because he felt that it needed the support of the other housemasters.

After investigating the legal implications, the housemasters' committee decided that it was beyond its jurisdiction, and put the proposal before the Corporation.

Griswold decided not to send the proposal to the Corporation, for he stated that although there were no legal implications, the recommendation was inconsistent with Yale's policy.