Squash Team Favored Over Powerful Elis

Crimson squashmen, undefeated in eight matches, fact their toughest intercollegiate contest of the year at New Haven this afternoon.

But even if the Elis take the match, they can only tie Harvard for the Inter-collegiate Squash League championship. They've lost only one so far, to an Army team which the Crimson trampled earlier this season. Against Williams, another common opponent, both Harvard and Yale won 7 to 2.

The Crimson will be slightly favored, according to Coach Jack Barnaby, but he's afraid that the loss of two regulars to illness may make the difference. Dave Watts, number two man, is still sick at his home in New Jersey, and Muggy Mugaseth, usual number four, is recovering from an attack of the mumps.

"However, I understand Yale has also been bothered y illness and injuries," Barnaby said. "For that reason, I think we'll probably have the edge on them."

The same men who trounced Amherst 9 to 0 last Wednesday will play for the Crimson today. Bacon will be moved up to Watts' usual number two slot, while Altie Flagg takes over Mugaseth's place at four. Charley Ufford, Crimson number one man, who has lost only in National Singles competition, but holds the National Intercollegiate Singles titile, will lead off in his regular sport at number one.

Wis Wood will play at three. Dave Symmes at five, and Charlie Elliott at six. The last three positions will be filled by Larry Brownell at number seven, Hadden Tomes, eight, and Mike Ward, number nine.