David Returns to US, Lauds Hawaii

Hawaii poses "great opportunities for men in the management field," Dean David of the Business School said yesterday after returning from a three-week stay in the Islands, where he studied the territor's business problems.

David made the trip on the initial invitation of the Bank of Hawaii and the Matson Navigation Company. The former has a fund for the study of economic development problems. Other business men like Walter F. Dillingham '02 urged him to accept the invitation.

The base of the Islands' economy is "the sugar and the pineapple industries, the tournist business, and government defense activities," David said. He added that there was room for expansion, "especially in the by-product areas." He cited the Macadamia nut industry, Hawaiian flowers, and technical improvements in the use of sugar products like bagasse and molasses as examples of the "new and expanding industries."

Stimulating the growth of Hawaiian business opportunities is "part of the job of the Business School," David said, "for we are interested not only in turning out lems. He called Hawaii "a part of our economy that is removed from the mainland."