Professors, Students Initiate Movement to Draft Douglas

Local action to seek the draft of Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas for the Democratic presidential nomination finally materialized yesterday, as three prominent professors announced their membership in a new Massachusetts Douglas-For-President Committee.

In addition, a group of Law School and College students revealed that they intend to set up a separate Douglas club within the University, which will remain in close contact with state organizations.

Kirtley F. Mather, professor of Geology, John A. Ciardi, Briggs-Copeland Assistant Professor of English Composition, and Bart J. Bok, Willson Professor of Applied Astronomy, were listed as "original sponsors" for the new state group. It will attempt to "coordinate tremendous spontaneous support" for Douglas nomination, according to interim secretary Allan N. M. Sidd of Roxbury.

Edward L. Berman IL. spokesman for the students' group, said yesterday that activity for Douglas here was still very unorganized, but that a club would be formed soon. A public meeting is scheduled for April 9, when officers will be elected.

Although Douglas has stated that he is not a candidate members of the Massachusetts committee, which also includes Richard Burgin concert-master of the Symphony Orchestra and Scott Buchanan, former Dean of St. John's College, will support him in the Massachusetts primaries April 29.

Both Sidd and Ciardi said that other officers University are "interested" in the Douglas movement, but neither would reveal any names.