China Fears West Wants to Impose New Colonialism

Asia is not afraid we will use it as cannon fodder in our drive to contain communism. Owen Lattimore told over 600 listeners at the China seminar of the All College Conference last Saturday. It fears more that the West will try to reestablish colonialism there.

Considering Japan, he noted that it could not be secure if its economy had to depend on a year-to-year vote of the House Appropriations Committee. He predicted a resumption of Japanese trade with China if the U. S. makes its peace with that country in Korea.

Japan a Dilemma

But, he warned, there is no way to have a Japan in our containment policy without having one strong enough to upset that policy.

William H. Chamberlain, columnist for the Wall Street Journal said we must either pull out of the Far East altogether or wage all out war in China proper.

John K. Fairbank '29 professor of History, held American misunderstanding of the Chinese as the cause of our mistakes in our Asian policy.