Elis Riot Over Ice Cream Vendor; M.I.T. Students Fined in Fracus

16 Plead Guilty to March On 'Cliffe; Each Fined $10

Sixteen M.I.T. Students who marched on Radcliffe on May 5 were fined $10 each yesterday after pleading guilty in East Cambridge District Court.

Kevin P. Hern, attorney for the youths, protested, saying "they were going to Radcliffe to sing."

Judge Louis L. Green '02 replied, "they certainly were mischievous." Hern answered. "I don't know how well they-can sing."

Green pointed out that there was 'so much premeditation" involved in the march on the Annex that he could not dismiss or file the case. "Just because the boys come here to school doesn't mean they can raise hob," he said. "Residents of Cambridge are entitled to be protected."

President Jaines R. Killian of M.I.T. has warned students that any further unauthorized demonstrations off the Tech grounds will be cause for expulsion.