Varsity, Yardling Net Teams To Oppose Yale Away Today

Jack Barnaby's varsity tennis team is favored to get back on the winning trial today, when it meets Yale at New Haven. The Crimson, out to avenge last year's 8 to 7 defeat, will be at full strength for the afternoon's match.

Although underdogs according to comparative scores, the Elis may be tough on their home court, particularly if the Crimson enters the match dulled from its morning train trip.

Coach Johnny Skillman's club has gotten off to its most mediocre start in many years, but an upset today could still salvage a creditable record. Yale has already lost to Amherst and Davidson, two Harvard victims during its recent eight-match winning streak. Both of today's opponents were soundly trounced by Princeton, the number one team in the East. A victory this afternoon would establish the Crimson as second.

Captain Play Each Other

Rival captains Charlie Ufford and Al Schwartz will square off in the first singles contest. John Rauh, Art French, Gene Mann, Dave Watts, Don Bossart, Gerry Murphy, Bill Goodman, Steve Son-nab-end, and Terry King will occupy the nine remaining berths for the Crimson.

They will oppose Hank Blodget, Al Fischl, Ted Wood, Dave Seifer, Dave Maginnes, Dave Maxwell, Bob Dewey, Barry Seymour, and Jim McClellan of the Elis. Neither team boasts an outstanding star, but each is solid from one to ten.

The powerful doubles duo of Ufford and Goodman will lead off for the Crimson, followed by Watts and French, Rauh and Bossart, King and Herb Stone, and Mann and Mike Ward. Johnny Skillman plant to use Schwartz and Blodget, Fischl and Dewey, Selfer and McClellan, Maxwell and Nick Brady, and Wood and Maginnes.

Freshmen Also Play

The Yardling net team will also journey to New Haven to meet the Elis this afternoon. Coach Corey Wynn reported. "I think we've got a good fighting chance, but Yale is very strong at the top."

He was referring to A1 Englander and Dick Riskind, number two and number five ranking juniors in the East. After them in the Eli singles lineup come Sam English, Jules Cohen Les Pollack, and Larry Dessner.

Grey Wynn will go with his regular singles roster of Captain Alex Haegler, Ed Koerner, Mike Levinson, Geoff Ball, Bill Wister, and Danny Mayers. Koerner was out of action when the Yardlings beat Andover, 5 to 4, last Saturday.

The Crimson coach will pair Haegler and Bob Crouch, Levinson and Wister, and Ball and Mayers in the doubles. Their Eli opponents will be Englander and Riskind, English and Cohen, and Pollack and Dessner.