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Walt Kelly, Pogo's Pa, To Deliver Chalk Talk On 'Possum Thursday

Walt Kelly, creator and curator of Pogo, the presidential 'possum, will speak at the New Lecture Hall at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow, his New York office announced yesterday. Kelly plans to Begin his national stumping tour in Cambridge, and will deliver a chalk talk, free of charge, "to everyone who can take it."

A mess demonstration will begin for Okeefenokee's favorite son in Harvard Square at 7:00. Signs and buttons will be distributed to all marchers. Anyone who wishes to play in the band should get in touch with the CRIMSON before then.

Meanwhile, a spontaneous demonstration for Pogo broke out at the second Yard concert last night, when the Lampoon stunt men began their act. Cries of "We Want Pogo" went up, followed by a steady underchant of "I--Go--Po--Go."