Clowns Start to Gag Over Balls and Oars, Crime to Win, 23-2

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., May 16-In a despard attempt to slip under tomorrow's deadline for the 25-player limit the Mt. Auburn Clowns last night sent 23 1/2 players to the Wingashee Beach-combers of the Coast League in return for veteran 92-year-old manger Cornelius "Connie" Mack-U, who has come out of retirement for today's titanic tiff with D. C. D. Rogers Hahnsby's Rampaging Red-Eds. With only nine players left on his squad, Mack-U still voiced confidence last night. "We'll be like the old Gag-House Gang," he gurgled gleefully, "with such fleet-feet as rookie George Washington Flagg."

But General Manager P. Joseph Cronin of the Red-Eds quipped as he returned from the police station last night. "In this 96th annual clash, I predict Crime will win, 23 to 2. And at 3:30 p.m. the Charles will churn to Crime's 23 strokes per minute as its eight opens its season with its 2-length victory over the Clowns in its final rate."