NCAA to Decide Site for Regatta; Vote Soon on TV

Several important questions occupied the attention of the NCAA Washington meetings yesterday, but voting on major issues--television and rules changes--was not expected until today or tomorrow.

Thomas D. Bolles, director of Athletics, told the CRIMSON that he and representatives of the Eastern Association of Rowing Colleges had surveyed a possible spring regatta site on the Potomac River yesterday.

Bolles, head of the E.A.R.C., said decision on whether to hold the regatta there or at Annapolis would probably be made today or tomorrow. He is on no other committees, but will take full part in the voting.

Foul Rule

Checking its records, the NCAA Service Bureau yesterday discovered that 17 basketball teams throughout the nation have been averaging over 80 points a game through January 6, as compared to two such teams one year ago.

The new NCAA rules on fouls are primarily responsible for the sudden scoring increase. The "one-and-one" rule on free throws which allows a player two chances to sink each foul has caused scores to skyrocket.

Meanwhile, Carl Snavely, unemployed president of the American Football Association, criticized college leaders yesterday for making the coach the scapegoat of the game's abuses.

Snavely also deplored the insecurity of the profession and said jealousies and backbiting had cut down many of the game's top mentors before their prime.