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To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

In regard to the CRIMSON's editorial of October 5, I would like to clarify the Student Council's position on fund-raising for the German Exchange Program and its relationship to University Hall.

The CRIMSON asserts that through "cherishing independence above cooperation" the Student Council failed to raise funds to continue the German Exchange program for the academic year, 1953-54. This according to the CRIMSON, was due to a "headstrong separation from University Hall" which led the Council to overlook the Committee on Scholarships and Financial Aid in its search for funds.

Advice Sought

Throughout last year, when the German Exchange Program was in operation at Harvard, the Student Council was constantly in touch with University Hall. When it was learned that the Department of State had not provided funds to continue the program in 1953-'54, the committee in charge of the program sought advice from University Hall as to whether funds night be available. The committee followed all suggestions that were offered without success, and then set up the present plan endeavoring to raise funds from private corporations.

The German Exchange Committee in accordance with the policy of the Student Council has maintained a cordial and open relationship of consultation with University Hall and will endeavor to keep this relationship. John W. Stokes '54, Chairman   German Exchange Program