Varsity, '57 Harriers Post Wins at Brown

Both varsity and freshman cross-country teams romped to easy victories yesterday, as expected, against Brown at Providence.

Hubie Maguire led the varsity harriers to a near-perfect 15-49 win, registering his first victory of the season in a time of 20:14 minutes. Five other Crimson runners followed him across the finish line within a minute, with Emil San Soucie taking second in 20:16. Hal Gerry finished third and Dan French, Al Wills, and Bill Engs placed fourth, fifth, and sixth, respectively.

Dave McLean topped the Crimson freshmen with a second place finish as the Yardlings defeated their Brown counterparts 20 to 41. Newly-elected captain Bill Morris took third, followed by Dick Wharton, Jim Cairns, and Phil Williams.

A highly-rated University of Massachusetts team will be the Crimson's next opponent in varsity and freshman meets at Franklin Field this Friday.