Nassau May Take High School Men In as Sophomores

Princeton will probably become the first Ivy College to follow the lead of the Blackmer Report, the Dean of Admissions said last night.

Princeton may thus advance a limited number of promising secondary students to sophomore standing, within the near future.

Princeton Dean of Admissions C. William Edwards said yesterday that the Nassau "administration and faculty are very receptive" to the part of the Blackmer Report which would give outstanding high school seniors intensive college board exams and promote them to sophomore standing if they succeed.

According to Edwards, is order to quality for the Princeton plan, a student must do well in all his subjects and must receive approval of both his school and Princeton--or any other college--as well.

Program Being Studied Here

The same program--directed by Alan Blackmer with McGeorge Bundy as the Harvard representative--is currently being studied by the Faculty Committee of Educational Policy. No decision has been made here yet.

Program Would Help Pre-Meds

Edward stressed that such a program would be particularly advantageous for pre-meds. A revision in admissions procedure had been needed because of "repetition and marking time," during the freshmen year, Edwards added.

At the same time, Edwards blasted the current program at Yale, which calls for a seven year study, eliminating the senior year in secondary school in preference to the first year college.