The Mail

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

During this week, one of the House bulletin boards displayed a sign, advertising two Dartmouth football tickets on the 50-yard line for sale. And, needing two tickets for the weekend, I called upon the author of the advertisement. He told me that the seats were excellent--halfway up, on the 50-yard line; and that he was always able to get such good seats as he was one of the football managers.

However, this entrepreneur wanted $11.00 for the tickets. He informed me that he was not alone among the football managers in the practice of scalping. "That's the way we make our money," were his words.

Now, scalping has always existed at the University, by students who try to imitate their brethren at Boston ticket agencies and make a quick buck at the expense of their fellow students. The HAA offers extra tickets to managers and others of the football community, relying upon the honor system that the tickets will be honestly used. But, no honor system will work when honor in some of the individuals using it is non-existent. And those students, who have no other thought than their own personal enrichment, deserve to have their status as members of the University severely questioned. Noale C. Bringhurst '51