Replacement of Furniture Program Due to Begin by Next September

The first furniture replacement program in the College since 1931 will begin next September, and possibly by the end of the current school year, Arthur D. Trottenberg, superintendent of buildings and grounds, announced yesterday.

Experimentation in the cost, finish, design, and flexibility of various types of furniture are almost completed. Tests have been conducted in a Kirkland House suite.

Furniture in the Houses was provided from 1929-31 when they were built. Much of the Yard furniture is a great deal older, Trottenberg said.

Although the new equipment will be functional as well as "aesthetic looking," the traditional Harvard chair will be retained, since "it has great sentimental value to alumni and undergraduates. But we're looking for ways to strengthen its construction," Trottenberg said.

Each student will eventually be provided with a unit of furniture--desk, bureau, bed, desk chair, bookcase, and Harvard chair.

Full Size Desks

The desks will be full-sized, single-pedestal models, replacing worn ones now in use, and the present "victory" desks, small, drawerless relies of wartime import. It has not yet been decided whether they will be of wood, metal, or a combination of the two.

Reds will continue to be built entirely of metal, but of more modern design, including low backs. They will probably be long, and will be readily adaptable to conversion into bunks.

It is expected that the finish of the furniture will be light brown, to compromise between the gloomy effect of very dark surfaces and the easy staining of lighter finishes.

Since all stock places have been found inadequate, the College will design the furniture according to its needs.