Writer Gives Conant 'A' in German Affairs, 'C' on Russian Issues

Ex-University President James B. Conant rates and "A" in his knowledge of German affairs, but only a "C-plus" in Soviet issues, according to an evaluation of the new High Commissioner of Germany made by James P. O'Donnell in the latest issue of the Saturday Evening Post.

O'Donnell states that although the world-famous educator has successfully managed his relations with the German people, he has made "one major blunder," that of not being present in those "mementous days" of June 17 and after, when the East German workers rose up against the Russians.

Atom Activities Cited

At that time, Conant was in the United States to attend the Harvard commencement week ceremonies, and to testify before Senator Joseph McCarthy's "Book-burning" investigating committee.

O'Donnell further criticizes Conant for not taking strong action against the Russians for the murder of seven West Germans, and act in direct opposition to a four-power agreement which emphatically defines execution of civilians in an occupied territory as a crime against humanity.

In the article, O'Donnell descsribes Dr. Conant's wertime activities with the development of the atom bomb, work which has earned him the name of "Professor atom" in Germany.

O'Donnell says Conant has manageged to pick up German amazingly fast, questing his language instrucsted as saying, "You can always tell this Harvard man, but you never have to tell him twice."