Burr Hall Janitor Gets HUERA Post

Less than a third of the 789 maids and janitors in the HUERA turned out to elect their first completely new executive board in 12 years.

Actually, only the vice-presidential spot was in contention. For that position Helen Maynard edged Joseph Green by 20 votes, 129 to 109.

Unopposed for the presidency, "51-year-old Elwyn Wyman, janitor in Burr Lecture Hall, swept into office as soon as the first vote was cast at 9 a.m. yesterday. Joseph Trotnyek for treasurer and Francis Macnamara for secretary also had unanimous approval.

Outgoing president Daniel G. Mulvihill, head of the HUERA for 12 years, congratulated the new officers. He said when he announced he would not run again that he did not agree with the ideas of the men who backed Wyman, but yesterday called upon all union members to stand behind the new officials.

Chances for a disputed election for the presidency died two weeks ago when Mulvihill announced "I do not choose to run."

It is rumored that Wyman has promised reduction of dues for the members of the Harvard University Employees Representative Association.