Work on 'Drumbeats' Begins, Cast Selected

Rehearsals for "Destination Quad," this year's Drumbeats and song production, began this week with the final selection of principals. "Destination Quad" is the story of the events following the landing of a space ship from Mars in the Radcliffe quadrangle. The plot is further complicated by the presence of a power-mad dorm president who tries to persuade the Martian visitors to help her conquer the world.

Dorothea Schmidt '56, Barbara Knauff '54, F. James O'Neil '53, and Marshal R. Pihl '55 lead this year's cast. They are aided by Elizabeth Kalkhurst '56, Nancy Fisher '54, Barbara Williams '55, and Elizabeth Ann Eilers '54. Other male members of the cast include Timothy F. Nichols '54, Clifford A. Bean 2B, Michael K. Victor '55, and Martin H. Myers '55.

Thomas A. Whedon '55 and John G. Benedict '54, who wrote the book, direct the production which goes on stage March 6 in Sanders Theatre. Only one performance will be given this year, instead of the previous two.