CRIME Candies Get Chance To Heed Lampy's Wise Words

Even the never-to-be trusted Lampy down on the corner of Bow St. was forced to slip a slightly exaggerated truth and tribute to the CRIMSON into the piles of erroneous copy he published in one of last year's issues.

"You see," said one of Lampy's articles," the CRIMSON editorials dictate the policies of the College.... It's a society that takes in the successful men of Harvard...the men who really run Harvard... You can try out for the CRIMSON, but they are awful choosy."

Lampy, of course, was once cut from a CRIME competition, which implies that almost anyone can make the grade. Spring competition for the news, editorial, business and photo boards begins at the CRIMSON building. 14 Plympton St., next Wednesday. Lampy did not realize that females as well as males are cordially invited.