Fischelis Leaves; Cleric to Head PBH

Robert L. Fischelis '49 will leave his position as Graduate Secretary of Phillips Brooks House when his appointment expires July 1, 1953, the CRIMSON learned yesterday.

At the same time, Provost Buck revealed that the new Chairman of the Board of Preachers, to be chosen this spring, will direct the policy of Phillips Brooks House. A new Graduate Secretary will be chosen after the chairman is named.

"Phillips Brooks House is essentially in good order," Buck stated, "and at present I don't envision any positive changes. It will depend, however, somewhat upon the new head."

Supervisory Position

For several years now, a committee headed by Buck has been investigating the operations of Brooks House, and recently recommended that a religious man be placed in a direct supervisory position. The clergyman would be expected to provide an element of religious guidance while still maintaining the traditional Harvard secular approach, the Provost said.

Buck has revealed that the new Chairman of the Board of Preachers will direct the activities of Memorial Church, and, as a University Professor, lecture in several religious courses. The new preacher would also be expected to cooperate with the ministers of the various churches in Cambridge to encourage student participation in the religious life of the community, Buck indicated.

A committee of six leading clergymen, chaired by Buck, is presently at work looking for "a man who will be both a preacher and an educator."

"Stimulative and Worthwhile"

Fischelis, when contacted last night, made the following statement: "In view of the important changes that will take place, I feel it is better that the new Chairman of the Board of Preachers will now have a chance to place the man he wants in the Graduate Secretary position. I leave Brooks House feeling I have spent three stimulating and worthwhile years working there."

Several members of the Phillips Brooks House Committee last night issued statements praising Fischelis's work. Richard M. Gummere, chairman of the Committee on Admissions, emeritus, commented: "I very strongly appreciate what Bob Fischelis has done in building up the work of Brooks House. I believe the membership and activities are at present at an all time high, very much due to his work."

Fischelis recently resigned his position as Graduate Secretary of Dudley after holding that position for three years simultaneously with his Brooks House work. He did not indicate yesterday what his future plans were.