Cummings Will Give Final Talk In C. E. Norton Series Tonight

E. E. Cummings will deliver his last Charles Eliot Norton Lecture on "i & am & santa claus" at 8 p.m. tonight in Sanders Theatre. The poet is expected to include, under this topic, comments on communism and democracy.

Cummings gave two lectures earlier this semester, and three last term. Those in the fall were "i & my parents," "i & their son," and "i & self-discovery." This term he has spoken on "i & you & us," and "i & now & him."

In each "non-lecture," as Cummings calls them, he had included readings from his own works and those of other contemporary and classical poets. In his last talk Cummings discussed the role of the artist and his means of bridging the chasm which exists between the artist and his audience.