Crimson Six Whips Yale, 5-2, Has Slight Chance for NCAA

Amid beer, bombs, and blood, the Crimson hockey team crushed Yale, 5 to 2, at the Arena Saturday night.

First-line wing Amory Hubbard scored three goals, but it was smashing defensive work and excellent goal tending that kept the varsity in front all the way. Enthusiastic fans threw beer cans and firecrackers on the ice as the final period ended.

The victory pretty well blows Yale out of the Pentagonal League championship picture. If the Crimson beats Princeton Wednesday and the Elis again Saturday, it still won't win the Pentagonal, but it will have a tiny chance for an NCAA bid.

A five-man committee, including the ECAC's Asa Bushnell, will choose the NCAA pair next Sunday, B.C., B.U., and R.P.I. are now considered the front-runners in the East.

First period play was hard and rough, but scoreless before Crimson goalie Brad Richardson injured his hand with about five minutes left. Richardson returned after "repairs," play got rougher, and at 18:45, the Crimson's Scott Cooledge put a screen shot past Yalie goalie Dick Whelan.

Harvard outplayed the Elis throughout the second period, even though it missed numerous scoring opportunities. Hubbard picked up his first goal at 11:25, with assistance from both Dick Clasby and Walt Greeley. At 12:11, right between a Yale penalty and a Crimson holding call, Normie Wood put the varsity in front 3 to 0. Wood, in front of the Yale cage, deflected a bouncing shot by Ned Almy into the nets.

Yale has been a third period team all season, and seemed to be going the same way this them. Pressing for the first few minutes, the Elis scored at 9:48, when Wally Kilrea blasted in a loose puck from two feet out.

The Elis had another at 13:58, and the score was 3 to 2. In a scramble beside the Crimson cage, Leigh Quinn slammed a shot that bounced off Richardson's stick, and rolled in.

The referees awarded Dan Rufkin Yale's fourth penalty of the night at 15:48. Outraged, Lufkin heaved his stick in the air, but was seated in the box anyway. Hubbard slammed in Harvard's fourth goal one minute and 36 seconds later.

Gil Colgate then took over in the goal for Yale, and shortly after at 18:05, rough Ed Mrkonich, who played a brilliant defensive game for the Crimson, left the ice on a board check penalty.

The Yalies, tired and weary, tried to press with Harvard a man short. But just for good measure, Hubbard flipped in another Crimson goal at 19:56, as Greeley got his third assist.

Despite fast, hard play by the Crimson offense the game was won by the defense, at center-ice. Checking roughly, and occasionally double-checking, the defense kept Yale from Capitalizing on an overwhelming number of pass plays in front of the cage.

The Harvard Summary:

G. Richardson; defense, MrKonich, Coolidge, Almy, Patton, O'Brien; forwards Greeley, Clasby, Hubbard, Manchester, Bliss, Cooledge, Mahoney, Wood, Bray.

FIRST PERIOD: Cooledge (Bliss) 18:45. Penalties--Clasby, tripping, 0:53; Coolidge, charging, 19:59. SECOND PERIOD: Hubbard (Clasby, Greeley) 11:25; Wood (Almy) 12:11. Penalties--Clasby, holding, 12:45; Hubbard, holding, 16:30. THIRD PERIOD: Hubbard (Clasby, Greeley) 17:24; Hubbard (Greelay) 19:56. Penalties Mrkonich, handling puck, 10:57; Mrkonich, board check, 13:05. Stops Richardson 23