'56 Ten Loses to Deerfield Before Selecting Captain

Bob Pickett's freshman lacrosse team suffered its first loss of the season, 9 to 2, yesterday at Deerfield Academy, and then elected a former Deerfield star to captain the team for the rest of the year.

Deerfield took an insurmountable lead in the first half, scoring seven times while the Crimson could put only two shots through the posts, one in each of the first two quarters. The Crimson's two goals were scored by Bob Lloyd and Lindsey Fischer.

After the game, the team elected Dexter Lewis, former star of the Deerfield varsity, captain for the remainder of the season.

Lewis provided almost half the Yardlings' goals in the squad's opening game, a 15 to 6 victory over Mt. Hermon. He scored seven times. Fischer racked up three goals in the first game.

Contrary to the Deerfield game, the smooth freshman attack grabbed an early lead against Mt. Hermon and held on.

The Crimson's next lacrosse match is scheduled to be played Saturday against Tabor Military Academy.