Furry Will Tell Probers He Is Not a Communist

Will Deny Party Ties Over Last Two Years In Hearings Today

Associate professor of Physics Wendell H. Furry will tell the House Un-American Activities Committee today that he has not been a Communist for the last two years. Until today, Furry has refused to answer questions about Communist party membership under oath.

With the Corporation deliberating his fate on the Faculty, Furry is appearing at his own request to "supplement his testimony." He will also be asked if he knows of any Communist activity at the University now, another question he has declined to answer under oath.

The Corporation has said it will not act on Furry's case until it hears what new testimony he offers. Furry has appeared before the Corporation's Faculty Advisory Committee, headed by Provost Buck, that reviews the cases of teachers implicated in the current investigations.

WHRB will broadcast a full recording of Professor Furry's testimony at the open session of the House Un-American Committee tonight at 11:05 p.m.

It is known that Furry consulted with the University's special legal advisory committee, headed by Professor of Law Arthur E. Sutherland, on how he should add to his testimony. He will be represented by the same lawyer he used at the first hearing, Phillip Furer.

Although Provost Buck signed the report of the American Association of Universities, which barred Communists from faculties, the report is not official University policy. Presumably, many other colleges are waiting to see what action the University will take before deciding what to do with their own professors who have refused to answer questions.