'Cliffe Girls Should Wrestle, Not Sleep

The Sporting Scene

Radcliffe girls are playing the wrong game.

They're experts at sleeping--they learn that in Body Mechanics. They study rope jumping under experts in Intermediate Tennis. They learn how to pick up articles from the floor properly and how to sit down. (You walk up to the chair, turn around, rub the back of your calf against it to make sure it's still there, and then you slowly ease into the chair while keeping your back rigid.)

Every 'Cliffe girl who has taken Body Mechanics knows how to walk up stairs, jump off stools with just the right degree of poise, and pump her abdomen to rhythm.

It's time for a change.

The girls would profit much more from other activities. Wrestling, for instance. To the emancipated female of this modern age, an acquaintance with the finer points of wrestling is much more valuable than a knowledge of stair climbing. This is obvious and needs no further explanation.

Or field hockey. How about some spring field hockey games with Harvard? Just because others girls' schools play hockey in the fall, that doesn't mean Radcliffe must. Radcliffe is a leader.

Obviously far superior to girls in other colleges, Annex girls should play not against Wellesley and Pembroke where they are wasting their time, but against Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Penn, and Cornell. Only with these schools will they develop the type of experience they need. This is the right kind of match for Radcliffe girls.