The Press

This letter, from a professor at City College of New York, appeared in the New York Times on Dec. 27.

To the Editor of the New York Times:

Having to deal professionally with current events and recent history, I am worried. Maybe you can help me.

Soviet policies, so it appears from the latest new out of Moscow, have been guided by spies and paid agents of foreign capitalist-imperialist reactionary forces. (Indictment of L. P. Beria and associated traitors of the motherland.) American policies, so we learn from recent investigations, have been determined by Soviet Agents who have "permitted t make policy for this country." (Governor Dewey of New York)

Thus Moscow really has been the heart and center of capitalism, and imperialism, and Washington, that of world communism. So far, so good.

what perplexes me, however, is how the respective spies and agents operated and what they transmitted. Could it be that our Red spies and agents transacted business with capitalist Beria and thus betrayed United States bolshevism? Or did the Beria spies contact Washington Communists, thus betraying Moscow capitalism?

Who cheated whom and in whose service, pay, and interest? Maybe the details of the Moscow trial will clear up the confusion, or further Congressional investigation will do so. . . .