Weiland Blames Beanpot Loss On Sextet's Inability to Score

"They capitalized on their scoring chances, and we didn't. That was it," admitted Crimson hockey coach Cooney Weiland, commenting on Tuesday night's 4-1 loss to Boston College in the finals of the Beanpot Tourney.

"We had our scoring opportunities, out when you can't put the puck in the net, you can't expect to win," said Weiland, trying to explain his team's lack of scoring punch. "One of our boys was in all alone just before the second period ended, but he couldn't do anything. That would have tied it up at two apiece. Might've been a different story then."

When asked to compare B.C. to the Western teams that defeated the Crimson sextet six times during Christmas vacation, Weiland said. "B.C.'s aggressive, so they'll give anyone a good game."