The Mail

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

We wish to express our thanks to Wendell Furry and to Leon Kaman for the dignity with which they behaved at the recent McCarthy hearings. For anyone willing to listen they reflected in their attitudes, the integrity of Harvard University.

In so doing we must strongly disagree with your editorial of January 18th. If Dr. Furry had betrayed the names of the men who worked with him, the whole point of his argument would have been lost. Dr. Furry refused to give names on the basis that Senator McCarthy incriminates innocent men by implication and suggestion rather than by concrete evidence. If Dr. Furry knew that these men were subversive, he would have given their names to the proper authorities (who prosecute treason), but, not believing his former co-workers were witches, he refused to join the witch hunt. We agree with him that there is a vast difference between sabotage and political views, just as there is a vast difference between an Inquisition and a court of law.

Because of the confusion that the senator has stirred in this country we badly need a stand taken on such principles. Not by acquiescence and fear can we fight demagogues such as McCarthy. Marcia De Gunzberg 57   Ann E. Rand '57   and 27 other Radcliffe students