Squash Team Advances Two To Semi-finals

Two members of the varsity squash team lost out in the semi-finals of the Invitational Intercollegiate Squash Racquets Tournament on the University Club of New York courts during the vacation.

Haddon Tomes, who plays number one on the squad, and Larry Brownell, number two, lost by close margins and were climinated from the tournament after having advanced to the semi-finals by virtue or earlier wins.

Tomes lost, 3-1, to Roger Campbell of Princeton, the eventual winner; Tomes had previously topped Yale's captain, Dave Workman, one of their top three players, in the quarter-finals. Campbell is considered the top ranking intercollegiate player; he had ranked sixth last year behind Harvard's Charlie Ufford and Dave Watts, who ranked one-two, and three other seniors. Since all five have graduated, Campbell moved up to number one ranking.

Brownell Edges Brownell

In the closest match of the tourney, Brownell lost, 18-16, in the fifth game of his semi-finals match with John Brownell (no relation), number one of the Williams varsity.

Number six man, Ted Rose, went down to defeat in the quarter-finals, after having extended Williams' Brownell to five games. He had previously beaten Jim Laughlin, Yale's number one player.

Also eliminated in the quarter-finals was Captain Mike Ward, number four. He lost to Fred Gardner, the other member of Yale's top three.

The other varsity entry, Guy Paschal, number eight, lost in one of the early rounds to Brownell of Williams.

Ben Hecksher, number one on the Yardling squad, found Yale's varsity captain, Workman, a little too tough to handle and lost out in one of the early rounds.

Coach Jack Barnaby expressed great satisfaction at the showing of his players in the tourney. He declared that, in view of the loss of intercollegiate champion Charlie Ufford, winner of the tournament for the past two years, and Dave Watts, who was second to Ufford, the varsity had not been expected to do too well in intercollegiate play. Because of their good showing in the tournament, they can be considered hot contenders to retain their national championship, he added.