JV's Top Indians, Win Easily, 27-0

The Jayvee team from Hanover, New Hampshire gave out with an Indian warwhoop after every huddle yesterday but the opposing Crimson squad, which kept relatively quiet on the field, had enough depth and power to gain an easy 27 to 0 victory.

Chief reason for the home team's success was the presence of a third-string varsity squad which alternated periods with Coach Norm Shepard's regular Jayvee eleven. Playing the first and thirds quarters the single wing varsity platoon scored all four crimson touchdowns, and kept the ball constantly in Green territory.

John Kannegleser, a sophomore full back, was high scorer for the Crimson, plunging over the goal lien form within five yards out twice in the third quarter. The running of wingback Bill Crosby, especially his 15-yard on an intercepted pass, helped to set up both these scores.

The Crimson's two first quarter touchdowns were scored oh long runs, the fist by wingback Ron Eikenberry and the second by end Tony Markella grabbed a Green kick blocked by end Jack Evjy and ran 42 years to score.