Non-Residents Will Stay At Commuters' Center

Building Renovations Indicate No Placing In Other Houses

Three prominent Overseers have been named as honorary members of Dudley House. These appointments, coupled with recent large-scale renovations in the Dudley physical plant, indicate that at least for the time being, non-residents will remain in the Commuter Center.

The three Overseers are Robert F. Bradford '23, Governor of Massachusetts from 1946 to 1948; Philadelphia's Mayor Joseph S. Clark, Jr. '23; and William L. White '24, New York financier and son of William Allen White.

Most important of the physical improvements is the opening last week of a 1,200 book library in Apley. Containing mostly tutorial texts and supplementary books for courses, the library will eventually expand to 5,500 volumes within five years. For the present, it will be open from 1 to 5:30 p.m. on weekdays. There is no demand from commuters for weekend library facilities.

Overnight Bunk Room

Other new additions are a game rooms in the basement of Aplay, a bunk room on the fourth floor, and enlarged dining space in Dudley. The bunkroom will contain ten beds to house commuters who wish to stay over for late meetings, early exams, or because of bad weather. Though a lines charge has not been set yet, it will be under $1, according to Senior Tutor Charles P. Whitlock. The dining room facilities have been expanded from 110 to 180 seats.

The improvements mean that no move is planned in the immediate future for the assignment of commuters to the Houses. It is the first high-level policy step that has been taken regarding Dudley.

Fee Raised

But commuters will now have to pay more. In the past, membership in the Commuter Center was voluntary and cost $10 per man; but it now is compulsory and costs $20 a year for the upper three years. The fee for freshmen has been waived, however, so that the net four-year increase is only $20.

The raised fee and compulsory membership is a result of a Corporation decision this past summer to finance upper-class tutorial and library facilities, the same as in the Houses. This year there are 126 freshman commuters, four more than last year, but far fewer than the 270 who entered in the fall of 1952.