Dunster, Bunnies Meet In Top Game of Year

Leverett and Dunster, both undefeated, battle for first place today in the House football league. Dunster has won five games, one more than the Bunnies.

Dudley plays Winthrop in tackle and touch football, while Dunster faces Leverett in touch and Dudley in soccer. The Eliot-Leverett soccer match also will be played today.

Kirkland defeated Lowell, 7 to 2, and Adams beat Eliot, 13 to 6, yesterday in tackle football. In touch, Kirkland overwhelmed Lowell, 52 to 20, and Eliot defeated Adams, 26 to 6. Leverett whipped Dudley, 4 to 1, in soccer, and Dunster edged Adams, 3 to 1.