Ivy Cinema Still Owes Over $500 For Film Series

In contradiction to a printed report last year that Ivy Cinema's 1953-54 film series broke even, three undergraduate institutions involved now report that they owe over $500 in back bills.

Ivy Films, which handled administrative matters for the series last year, has sent out bills of $220 to the Harvard Liberal Union and $65 to the United Nations Council. Ivy Films itself assumes a debt of $220.

"The bill was quite unexpected and takes us by surprise. The week by week reports sent out by Ivy Films last year were incorrect," Phillipe L. Villers '55, president of the Liberal Union stated last night.

The weekly reports had indicated the film series was breaking even, Villers said. "But apparently the figures they gave us were only estimates of costs. We have checked over their books and the costs appear to be legitimate," he continued. "We are obligated to pay, and will pay our debt."

He said, however, that the HLU would not be able to complete payment of the $220 bill until the end of the present academic year.

Charles G. Kadison '55, president of Ivy Films, said last night that all bills for the three-club venture had been sent to the Ivy Films address.

"We started losing money in the second half of the year so we stopped payment on bills, now the creditors are knocking at the door," Kadison stated. He said he had not yet been officially notified by the HLU that it would pay its debt.

The United Nations Council assumed a smaller part of the loss, because it left the film series last March just as it was beginning to lose money.