On the House

Leverett House defeated Kirkland, 59 to 47 last night to strengthen its lead in the "A" League Basketball race. The defeat dropped Kirkland to third place. In other games, Eliot downed Adams, 52 to 35, and Winthrop topped Lowell, 58-31.

In "A" League squash Dunster with a 29-16 record has replaced Lowell in first place. Eliot (23-17) is in second while the Bellboys and Winthrop are tied, half a game behind. Leverett (16-19), Adams (18-26), and Kirkland (13-31) follow in that order. Lowell with a 33 and 12 record leads the "B" League, while Dunster is out in front in the class C competition.

Led by goalie Dick Driscoll and offense-men Paul Corcoran, George Leary, and Paul Brennan, the Dudley Commuters have taken eight straight to lead the House hockey league. Winthrop (5-1-2), Eliot (5-1-1), and Adams (3-5-0) complete the first division.