Committee Will Reopen Study of ROTC Credits

Will Investigate Cut In AROTC Values

The Faculty Committee on Educational Policy, with its report on Advanced Standing virtually completed, will shortly reopen a study of Army ROTC credit at the College, it was learned yesterday.

The Committee had studied the proposal before, but had temporarily shelved it when attention was focused on the Advanced Standing Study.

Cut Credit?

The main proposal before the Committee will be the problem of credit for the Army ROTC course. Currently each course is worth 3/4 credit, although the faculty has proposed slashing it to 1/2.

Several years, ago, when ROTC courses were worth full credit, a similar study was made, resulting in a proposal that all ROTC courses be given half credit. When the motion reached the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, however, it was amended to the present 3/4 credit.

Sine then, it has been studied periodically until postponed in the last year.

Size Increased

The concern over the credits started over five years ago, when enrollment in the units zoomed up with imposing draft rulings. With Harvard a 16 course college, the ROTC curriculum equalled 25% of their educational program for many students. At all other universities, where at leas t20 courses are needed for graduation, the ROTC comprises a much smaller percentage of the curriculum.

Among the difficulties facing the Faculty Committee in its decision is the effect such a cut would have on the University's attraction for incoming freshmen.

Previously it had been felt by many faculty members that such a slice would seriously weaken the unit at Harvard. As a result, the groups compromised with the 3/4 credit settlement.

If the Army ROTC credit is cut this time it means that all cadets will have to take one more course for graduation, bringing the total to 18 for member compared to the 16 required of other undergraduates.