Varsity Fencers Lose to Elis, 16-11

Yale handed Edo Marion's varsity fencing team a 16 to 11 defeat in New Haven last Saturday afternoon.

Phil Erard, Bill Pierskalla, and captain Les Scherer were the sole winners for the varsity. All three fenced in the epee division and won their bouts, 3 to 0, 2 to 1, and 2 to 1, respectively, to pile up a 7 to 2 Crimson epee victory.

The Crimson thus finished its regular season with a three and three standing, having beaton Trinity, Boston University, and M.I.T., and lost to Army, Columbia, and Yale. The team will travel to New York on Friday to participate in the postseason intercollegiate matches with 14 other teams, including all the Ivy League.

Freshmen Also Lose

The varsity lost the foil match, 8 to 1, with Steve Schneider the sole winner. The Crimson also dropped the sabre event, 6 to 3, with John Craig, Dave Kenney, and John Livingston each tallying once.

Yale took the freshman match Saturday at New Haven, 19 to 8, give the Yardlings a 0 to 3 standing for the season.