Council Considers Plan for Possible Student ID Cards

In connection with its study of ticket distribution plans, representatives of the Student Council have suggested to Dean Leighton a student identification system whereby each undergraduate would carry a photo-identification card of some kind with his bursar's card.

The cards--which would probably be like those used at industrial plants and in the armed forces--could prevent interchange of bursar's cards for buying tickets to athletic contests. They would also be useful for general identification.

Still in a completely theoretical stage, the plan may prove impractical for several reasons, according to Roger C. Ravel '56, who is in charge of the Council's ticket study.

A basic difficulty in any such plan would be the cost. Firms approached by Ravel have estimated the price of photo-identification cards at about 25 cents apiece, which would make the total cost of the cards alone something over $1000.

The problem of when pictures for the cards would be taken must also be considered, Ravel pointed out. He said that a fine of some sort would probably be necessary as a penalty for those who did not meet appointments for photographs.