Glee Club to Sing On Western Tour During June, July

The Glee Club and Radcliffe Choral Society will make the first tours in their history west of the Mississippi River this summer. They are tentatively scheduled to sing in 14 cities.

The tour will start on June 20 and conclude on July 10 Tanglewood. In its final concert the Glee Club will sing the Damnation of Faust with the Boston Symphony Orchestra accompanying under the direction of Charles Munch.

Throughout the tour, G. Wallace Woodworth '24, professor of Music, celebrating his 20th year as conductor, will lead the two groups. Harry J. Kraut '54 will be the student manager.

Among the cities in which the Glee Club will appear are Buffalo; Oxford, Ohio; Kansas City, Missouri; Denver; Portland, Oregon; Seattle; San Francisco; Palo Alto, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Nashville; Louisville; and Cleveland.

The music which the Glee Club plans to sing includes works by Mozart, Bach, Handel, and such modern composers as Irving Fine and Henry Clark.

Fifty members--25 from the Glee Club and an equal number from the Choral Society--will make the tour. Alumni groups throughout the country will help to pay their expenses.

The Glee Club will also give concerts next month at Commencement and at the Boston Fine Arts Festival. The latter performance, scheduled for June 11, will take place at the Public Gardens.