Mile Relay Team Seeks Record in B. A. A.

A highly touted mile relay team attacks the all time College record, set a year ago in the Boston Athletic Association Meet, in the B.A.A Meet in the Boston Garden tonight. Coach Bill McCurdy will also enter men in the dash, hurdles and Freshman Relay.

Dave Alpers, Renny Little, Bob Rittenburg, and Dick Wharton will face a tough Princeton entry and an unknown Yale quartet. Heptagonal quarter-miler Joe Meyers could cause an upset if he gets close to anchor man Wharton.

MaCurdy said the relay combination in "basically stronger than the team that set a 3:29.5 mark in the Garden last year. We have the personnel," he said, "to lower the mark if they all have a good night at the same time."

"But that doesn't happen very often. It didn't happen in the Knights of Columbus Meet two weeks age, which explains the 5:33.6 time. It happened last year so the record fell."

Alpers, fastest of the four and veteran of last year's team, will compete in the Ryder 440, before the mile relay. His resilience could be the key factor in tonight's relay race.

Unofficial splits showed Alpers ran a 48.5 quarter last year, which McCardy called "incredible."

The chronic back trouble which plagues Alpers has responded well to treatment and should cause less trouble than it did in the K of "C meet, McCardy added.

Captain and hurdler Rittenburg is expected to improve his K of C Meet to improve his time. McCurdy attributed Wharton's turn-troubles to his inexperience in varsity competition.

In the hurdles, Rittenburg and sophomore Joel Cohon will face Red Perry of Penn State, who is a likely candidate for handing Harrison Dillard his first defeat in 48 heats and finals, and Jack Davis, who ran second to Dillard in last year's Olympics.

"Rittenburg and Cohen have a good chance of getting into the finals," said McCurdy, "and they might surprise someone." Both ran against Dillard in the K of C Meet and in last year's BAA Meet.

A second College record could fall, McCurdy said when the two-mile relay team faces Brown, Holy Cross, M.I.T., Rhode Island, and Yale.

The Crimson entry lost to Tech and Yale in the K of C Meet. In that race Jim Cairns fell while taking a baton pass and spoiled the time, Cairns, Mile Robertson, Zab Warron, and At Wills make up the two mile team.

The Yardling mile relay team of Bob Storey. Chris Angermeyer, Pete Reider, and French Anderson "would probably win on the strength of Anderson against a team of comparable ability," McCurdy said, "but I have heard that Georgetown and Manhattan will be there and they will be too much."