Club Heads Warn Against Red Groups; Forum to Discuss Recognition of China

Organizers Forced To Change Topics

A debate on the recognition of Red China has replaced the previously announced topic, the Bricker Amendment, as the subject for a parliamentary assembly sponsored by the Harvard Political Forum.

William C. Brady '57, current chairman of the Forum and president of the New Conservative Club, announced the change at a special meeting last night. The debate is scheduled for the third week in December.

"We had hoped that Senator Bricker would present the keynote address," Brady stated, "but when we found he could not come, we changed the subject and secured another speaker."

Brady announced that Congressman Albert P. Morano, Republican from Connectict and chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee in the 33rd Congress, will present to the student assembly the following motion: "That the U.S. is justified in denying recognition to the Communist Government of China."

Debate on Motion

Following Morano's speech and motion, students from College political clubs and from interested House debating societies will take over the meeting, George Frederickson '56, past president of the Debate Council, revealed last night. The students will divide into two loose coalitions for debating the resolution.

Before the changed topic was announced, only two clubs, the New Conservatives and the Young Democrats, had taken stands on the Bricker Amendment. The Democrats voted to oppose the Amendment, while the New Conservatives voted in favor of it.