Coach Comments On Defeat by Elis

Coach Lloyd Jordan called retiring captain Bill Meigs "one of the greatest football players anywhere" at the weekly meeting of writers yesterday.

Reviswing Saturday's 21 to 7 loss at New Haven, Jordan praised Meigs' extraordinary success in learning to play center on both offense and defense to replace the injured Jan Meyor. "I'd like to ask any coach in the country if he had a boy who could be given five different jobs to learn the week before the big traditional game," Jordan said. "That's what Bill did." He also praised the Yale line, and backs Gene Coker, Al Ward, and Dennis McGill, calling Coker "a good fullback."

Jordan discredited reports that he had charged Yale tackle Phil Tarasovic with playing "dirty football" when he tackled Crimson fullback Tony Gianelly on the opening kickoff. "Any comment which would detract from the play of both those teams would be out of place as far as I'm concerned," he said.