November Weather Indicates Cold Winter, Blue Hill Meteorologist Brooks Forecasts

That extra gallon of anti-freeze may be necessary before this winter is over, a report from the University's Blue Hill Observatory in Milton indicated yesterday.

Basing his findings on the work of two outstanding weathermen, Charles F. Brooks, professor of Meteorology and director of the Blue Hill Observatory, predicted "a cold winter definitely is probable."

One reason for his prediction, he explained, is the survey done by Paul Kangieser, the State Climatologist of the U.S. Weather Bureau in Boston. Kangieser has found that of the last 16 Novembers which had an "excess of days in which the temperature averaged in the 50's" 75 percent were followed by a cold winter. This November, Brooks said, definitely "fitted this category."

He also based his findings on the research of the German meteorologist, Franz Bauer. Bauer has shown that whenever the flow of air from the Pacific to the Atlantic is slow, all winters in South New England were colder than normal. This slowing down of the Pacific air has happened this November, Brooks said.

Brooks added, that he has been using Bauer's guide for predicting over the past four years, going wrong only once, in 1951, when it was warmer than he had expected.