Band to Lead St. Patrick's Day Parade; Irish Attack Red Uniforms as Insulting

By special invitation of Governor Christian A. Herter '13 and Senator Leverett Saltonstall '14, the University band will lead the Saint Patrick's Day parade through Boston, March 17.

There is only one problem: the Irish do not approve of the band's traditional red uniforms. "If they wear red, I'll picket their damned parade," a prominent former mayor said yesterday.

"It's an outrage to the honor of Ireland, and to every thing St. Patrick's Day over meant to any Irishman with half a heart. Since when did the Irish follow a bunch of kids dressed up like British flunkies through the streets of Boston on a day in honor of the Irish patron saint?" the ex-official stormed.

The possibility of a tight group of red uniforms at the head of a mass of green brought raised eyebrows elsewhere. One student, who claims to be the rightful king of Ireland, said that he would renounce his country if the band actually appeared in red.

Band manager Arnold H. Aronson '56 said last night that the band would attempt to pacify the Irish by wearing something green with the red uniforms.

The Saint Patrick's Day parade is one of the largest in the country. Final plans have not yet been announced, but it will definitely begin in South Boston.