Capp, Vocalist Will Appear at Smoker

Al Capp and Kim Karter will be the Freshman Smoker's drawing-cards this year, and members of the Smoker Committee say that tonight's blast will be among the best that ever rocked Memorial Hall.

"A big female star might sell more tickets," publicity chairman Thomas Lumbard said last night, "but she wouldn't necessarily contribute to the show. There is no question that Rita Gam sold tickets last year," he continued, "but because she didn't do anything Al Capp had to rescue the whole Smoker."

This year Capp is back. Other professional entertainers are nightclub singer Karter, the Jazz Workshop Quintet, and Buell Neidlinger's Dixieland band. In addition, the Smoker will present the Wellesley Widows and several freshman acts, including the Doozipaars, Freshman Glee Club soloist Frederick Brozer, folk-singers William D. Chapple, Michael C. Kenin, and Richard H. Zaffron, and the mimics "Doc and Wad."