Swimmers Down Weak Penn Team In Eighth Victory

Pennsylvania captured only two firsts and one second as the varsity swimming team easily swept to its eighth straight victory, 64 to 20, in Philadelphia Saturday.

The freshmen meanwhile won eight events as they upset Andover, 47 to 48 at the I.A.B.

In the tightest race, the varsity's Jack Edwards covered the 100-yard freestyle in 53 seconds flat to barely edge out teammate Chouteau Dyer and Pennsylvania's Dan Steinman, who followed him closely all the way.

Dyer earlier beat Steinman in the 50-yard sprint with a 23.5, a fast time considering the strange pool.

Fastest Medley Relay

Alan Rapperport, Dave Hawkins, and Jon Lind broke 2:58 in the medley relay, the varsity's fastest of the season, but otherwise none of the Crimson's winning times were above par.

Rapperport, however, worked to a strong second in the 200-yard backstroke as the Quaker ace, Parland Johnstone, nearly broke 2:18 to win.

Gus Keller took Pennsylvania's other victory in the three meter dive.

Jim Jorgensen and Captain Ted Whatley won going away in the 220 with a 2:11 plus, and Pete Mackey and Dick Stenson placed one-two in an easy 1:36 individual medley.

The Yardling swimmers netted eight first and two seconds in their surprise defeat of Andover. The freshmen have seven wins and one loss, to Exeter, with only the Williston and Yale meets left.