Lubells Have Not Sought Bar Entry

David and Jonathan Lubell LL.B. '54, who invoked the Fifth Amendment when queried about Communist Party affiliations by the Jenner Internal Security Subcommittee in March, 1953, have not yet applied to a Character, Committee for admission to a Bar Association, Jonathan Lubell said Tuesday.

The twins passed the New York State Bar examinations last July.

Both Lubells were drafted on Aug. 20, 1954, and are currently stationed with the 879th Field Artillery Battalion at Fort Dix, N.J.

"We took the Bar exams in New York because we are residents there, and of course we'll have to take them over again if we practice in another state," he noted.

A Character Committee judges applicants upon recommendations and past records to determine whether they are fit to practice law. The American Bar Association has in the past refused to admit applicants who had invoked the Fifth Amendment when asked about Communist activities.

Earlier reports which listed the Lubells as unemployed and "doing nothing" in New York City since their graduation from the Law School are incorrect, the twins said.