Yardlings to Face Strong B.U. Six

Two undefeated freshman hockey wins will face off at 4:30 this afternoon the Watson rink. Powerful Boston University with a 7-0 record may be the toughest opponent this season for the Yardlings, who have a spotless 6-0 record. On the basis of comparative scores, the one should be a tossup. The Terriers are defeated Boston College twice, 2 to 0 and 5 to 4, while the Yardlings also beat the Eagles, 6 to 4, just before the exam period layoff. Both teams gained two-final victories over Northeastern.

The B.U. team is built around two Canadians, one a forward and the other a defenseman. Crimson coach John White plans to start Dick Hubbell in the goal behind defensemen John Copeland and John Stimpson. Stimpson will be playing its first Yardling game at the blue line, after switching from wing on the third one.

The Crimson first line will be the same combination that has started every game since the team's opener, with Bob McVey at center and Bob Cleary and Lyle Guttu in the wings.