University Expels Three in Forgery Of Lamont Cards

False signing of names on library cards has led to the expulsion of three undergraduates, it was learned last night.

In confirming the report, Dean Leighton denied that this number represented any special outburst of illegal book removal from Lamont Library. But he did indicate there were at present 38 other books now under investigation which were signed out under false names and not yet returned.

The confirmation came as a warning to other undergraduates that the University regulation relating to illegal removal of books is being strictly enforced.

Each of the three undergraduates involved signed a false name to a Lamont sign-out card. They were later traced down by the library lost book staff.

"The illegal signing of false names in order to remove library books for indefinite lengths of time has been a constant problem, Dean Leighton stated. "The number of books missing at present, however, is no larger than it has been in the past."

According to section ten of Regulations Relating to Students at Harvard College, "Deliberate removal of a book from any University library without authorization will ordinarily lead to severance of connections."