Justices Are Bums, Iannello Announces

Rep. Charles A. Iannello (D-Boston) called the State Supreme Court justices a "bunch of lazy bums" last night following their adverse opinion on the proposed anti-Communist teachers bill.

"Those justices aren't Americans, they're traitors," he said. "They have their heads buried in books all day long and have no right to make such decisions. The House will pass the bill anyway."

He called the justices "senile, lazy bums who should be off the bench and on pensions. Opinions like this one are the price you have to pay for democracy. Those men don't know anything more than I do. They're legal experts, but I think I'm just as smart in my own way."

Iannello has been a strong supporter of legislation which would force private colleges to dismiss teachers who refuse to testify before investigating committees. Several weeks ago he admitted "We're out to get Harvard."